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Stop Tabac Center, Centre laser anti tabac

Vous voulez arrêter de fumer et vous recherchez un centre qui peut vous aider. Sauf que, jusqu’à présent, vous ne…

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Digital New info

« Laissez les informations vous dire comment elles doivent être affichées. Comme l’architecture est une ‘’musique figée’’, l’architecture de l’information est…

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Collars, Harnesses & Leashes

Theworldofdogsandcats offers you a wide choice of leashes, harnesses and collars for cats: find harnesses such as the Julius K9…

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Cats Treats

Reward your cat with our assortment of treats in various flavors, including dental, crunchy, chewy, dehydrated treats and more.

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Cats Toys

Cats are playful and hunting animals that need to be stimulated and let off steam. Theworldofdogsandcats offers you toys to preserve…

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Cats Health Supplies

Animals play a big role in our lives. They are a source of comfort and happiness and this explains our…

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Cats Food

For your cat or kitten, we have selected the best cat food and food to cover all their needs.

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Cats Feeding & Watering Supplies

The cat feeder is an essential accessory for the proper care of your pet. When choosing the most suitable one,…